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There aren’t too many good things to be said about moving.  It is first of all an awful lot of physical work, so who likes that?  And secondly, the “finds” in the studio are mostly either plain yucky or strange and puzzling.  There are the dead and desiccated flies hidden in corners and on the window sills.   For the life of me I can’t remember why I have a rather large box of rhinestones in varying sizes and colors…but keeping those just in case.   Likewise, there were the google-eyes…I remember the project, a google-eye covered lampshade (quite chic) for a charity auction but why would I have saved all the leftover eyes?  They’re gone.  Uncovered a plethora of paint tube caps from long gone tubes of paint…different brands, different sizes…which made some sense since the floor in my old studio had gaping holes, not so gaping that I would fall through but gaping enough to swallow paint caps, small change and once my studio keys when I dropped them…all gone to a special place, never to be seen again.  There was the small leak in the ceiling that I never knew about until I moved a stack of lovely drawing paper, lovely no more but apparently quite absorbent.  The culling of paintings and drawings was definitely necessary, nonetheless I had to keep reminding myself of a long ago newspaper review of a retrospective that said, as best I remember:  Obviously Artist Joe Blow never threw anything away!

I did find a stack  paintings that I’d forgotten about or chose to ignore. Some were canvases meant to be painted over (which I mostly cut up and tossed) and a few were canvases that were meant to be finished when the weather changed or when spirit moved me or  when I decided what exactly the muse was trying to say, and  there were some just turned against the wall for who knows what reason.  This is one of those paintings….



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