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I’m now on my third Yupo and oil stick painting, only to find out from them that know that this is not a good idea…something about chemical reactions and solvents and deterioration  (the paintings, not me.)  Too bad and so sad and am not quite certain what to do now with all that Yupo…too transparent for wearing, too thin for insulation, and too stiff for toilet paper…a conundrum,  for sure. Here is the first Yupo and oil stick painting…I was having a mighty good time painting it and it shows in these jolly jellybean colors. The always pleasant Mr. T pointed out (very carefully, I might add) that it really didn’t look like one of my paintings. Quite right, as I am not normally this cheerful. 003 This is the second painting, still happy, happy, crazy happy but a little more like my normal painting style. I started out with a teapot and a daisy, but it morphed.   Just as well, I suppose. 002 The third painting is not yet fit for human eyes to see,  but it is coming along nicely. Too bad it may fall apart faster than me.


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