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Framing An Oil Pastel



A week or so ago I decided to finally frame this oil pastel…I had a nice enough frame but needed  a mat.  In the olden days I used to cut my own mats, but stopped a few years ago because it is the one framing job that I truly, truly, TRULY  hate…I can clean glass for hours, practically juggle razor blades, cut and assemble a frame in a flash…but faced with a clean, white mat board and the ever evil mat cutter I turn into a cranky, weepy and very mean child.   So, off I went to Daniel Smith Art Supplies in Seattle with pastel painting in hand…to get a mat cut and have a catch-up chat with the worker bees at Dan Smith, who are not only knowledgeable and helpful but so very, very nice that they are some of my favorite people.   I threw myself on the mercy of Cindy, frame shop guru, who suggested that I might want to float the painting  and I whined that I hated dealing with spacers even more than I hated cutting mats…and I ended up handing her the painting and saying YOU DO IT! and do it she did…I think this painting looks super…the framing enhances the painting without overpowering it…Daniel Smith Frame Shop (Cindy and Holly and that guy in the back whose name I don’t know) I love you!


Unfortunately and alas,  I haven’t mastered the skill of photographing paintings behind glass…but even with reflections, I still think it looks super.  And it didn’t cost an arm and a leg…how great is that?


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