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Dancing With The Moon

Dancing With The Moon


Not so long ago, a friend told me that she had always liked a painting of mine (one in a series of moon paintings that I had painted several  years ago) and I have to say that I not only mentally cringed but even made a sad, horrified face…. “Maggie, ” I cried, “those paintings have been around so long that I’ve been painting over them!  Had I known,  I would have given you the piece!  Why didn’t you tell me!”

This  conversation (quite a bit longer than that reported above) was absolutely and totally full of exclamation points,  but both Maggie and I always  speak that way anyway.   When I got to the studio the next day I started poking around my Use It Or Toss It pile, and found this painting…the last of the moon paintings…and I actually think this is the one she was talking about and so fondly remembering.  It was a little worse for wear… paint drips here and there, and maybe some dead spider splotches not so artfully placed, but  I did a clean up and a touch up and hopefully she still exclamation points it.


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