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What’s Happening….

On June 18, from 5pm until 8pm, I will be exhibiting several of my paintings along with Danny Mansmith, Richard Jahn, Patrice Colvin and Anita Corby at the Spring Hill Suites in Renton. Because I can never keep my hand down or my mouth shut I will also be painting right out there amidst the masses while they mill about me drinking wine, eating hors d’eourves and making comments like, “My Aunt Lulu paints roses soooo realistic that you can smell ’em!” Since this event is not so many days away, and since I haven’t painted water colors (what I insanely volunteered to do!) in more than a year I whined my way to the studio today with paintbrush and water bucket in hand. And because I paint in layers (artspeak: glazes) here are the starts:


This was my first layer of ink and water color….and here is the second start, with the second and rather skimpy layer of blue paint along with some polka dots of resist.005


And this is what I what I painted when  I became so very. very  bored…





These two paintings were painted very directly and not my usual layers and layers of glazing, but they certainly  were fun to do and sometimes you have to just stop and smell the paint.   I suppose I will finish the first two starts and try not get distracted by the beautiful puddles of color and empty sheets of paper. I really need to reacquaint myself with the medium….

Should you wish to attend this event at the  Spring Hill Suites, please RSVP .



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