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Rainy Day Sunday

  • Rainy Day Sunday #1

    Rainy Day Sunday #1

    Woke up today to a cold and wet morning…not that this was unexpected, it being only the beginning of March…and walked one miserable dog, Enzo  (The Teeny Tiny Terror From L.A.) and one happy-to-be-alive dog, Maddie (The Pretty Good Airedale.)   I myself am a happy-to-be-alive person, but I prefer not being cold and wet.  Arrived damp and cranky back home, ready to change into dry jeans and enjoy some fine WA whines, to discover Mr. T standing at the door with my car keys in one hand and  a packed lunch (!) in the other.  Taking only enough time  to towel my hair and change into dry jeans, off I went to the studio.  I finished three small paintings that have been sitting around the studio collecting dust for awhile…all three are acrylic and tiny (12″x12″) and may or may not be jumping off compositions for larger canvases.

    Rainy Day Sunday A#2

    Rainy Day Sunday #2

Rainy Day Sunday #3

Rainy Day Sunday #3


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