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Burien Community Center

Burien Community Center 2014

Burien Community Center 2014

Several of my paintings are hanging at the entrance to the Burien Community Center this month and next.  All six painting (for the sake of consistency) utilize walnut ink…the four small ones  combine walnut ink with watercolor, and the two large paintings combine walnut ink, gesso and acrylic emulsion.  Painted on watercolor paper, they are all framed under glass…and, believe me, the large paintings are heavier than sin!  Obviously,  I’m not doing enough upper body exercising, so the next time I exhibit any paintings they’ll be sweet and light paintings on canvas.  Or…maybe I should begin my mornings at the gym…tough call.

ps…thanks, Danny Mansmith, for the reminder to blog this…totally looking forward to seeing your work!


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Finding Waldo's Heart


In the studio I’ve been listening to Leonard Cohen songs for the past three weeks or so, playing them over and over again.    I’m never quite sure what his songs mean, but I think “1000 Kisses Deep” is a love song…or a prayer…or a lament…or, probably,  all three.   Above is the painting that that particular song inspired.    (The Waldo painting was just pure and simple  fun!)

I find Cohen’s mature voice compelling, always  interesting, and strangely intimate.  “Ah, Leonard,” I think as I put a dab of paint here and a line of paint there, “where has the time gone?”  It doesn’t seem all that long ago that Judy Collins first sang “Suzanne.”  And was it Joan Baez who sang “Bird on the Wire?”

Ah, Leonard, we are both getting a little long in the tooth.

1000 Kisses Deep 

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