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Where Does The Time Go?

Ink Drawing

There are a few openings for my class at the Tukwila Community Center.  Our group meets on Thursday mornings, from 10am until noon, when we break for lunch (served at the community center) and then go back to our room for another hour or two of painting and visiting.  This is a particularly congenial group who often get together outside of class for pot lucks, trips to museums, and out-of-doors painting when weather permits.

The above painting/drawing is done with walnut and India inks on a full size  (30″ x 22″) sheet of watercolor paper.  This past summer I did an awful lot of my work at the dining room table because my “day time” was filled with helping friends move,  house-guests (both family and friends, and the delight and the curse of living in an especially  lovely state)  and our own summertime gotta-do activities and travelling .   While I’ll miss my houseguests  and really, really enjoyed my trips to Chicago and North Carolina , I won’t miss my time spent as a mover/helper!  I’m really happy to be back in the studio….


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