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DS Spring demo 001

Here are the two Walnut Ink demo pieces I painted at Daniel Smith last Sunday.   Considering that I was blathering away the whole time while grinning like a mad woman and flinging paint, they didn’t turn out badly.   These are walnut ink and water-color paintings, and (I think) recognizable as flowers…although Mr. T (aka The Better Half) wondered, when I brought them home for show and tell,  why I painted kale in a vase.  Kale?  Whatever works….

These are the last water-color and ink paintings for awhile…its finally warm enough to open up the windows and dig out the oils…hello, Spring!

Flower Pot


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Good Morning, Springtime

This coming Sunday I’ll be doing another Walnut Ink demo at Daniel Smith in Seattle   When R approached me about this I said, “Sure!” and when he asked what I wanted to do I said…”Uhhh, spring still life?”  Spur of the moment responses never quite work…and, actually, I really don’t paint that many still life paintings so I’m in full-blown pre-demo stress, but I do like daffodils and there still should be some around next Sunday.  Naturally, R asked me for an example…and naturally enough, I had none.  Poking around in the studio I found this painting…a mono-print actually, but done with water-color and walnut ink…and not a still life, but at least a spring subject.

I don’t like daffodils… I love them!  As soon as the first ones appear in the grocery store, there’s a bouquet on my kitchen table…and when the daffodils in that bouquet get droopy, another bouquet appears.  I love the smell that permeates the house, and lord knows I do love their jaunty look and yellow is my favorite color…if I have to come back as a flower, please God, let it be a daffodil!

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