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Honey In The Morning

Honey At Suppertime

Two more Walnut Ink paintings… and time to switch to another medium.   The acrylic paints are collecting dust in the studio, and there are several nice, large canvases leaning against the walls that are gessoed but  looking rather abandoned.    My classes at the Senior Center have started again, and I have a new painter…an enthusiastiac and brand-new-to-watercolor painter.   This is a versatile group and besides watercolorists it includes both oil painters and acrylic painters.  Except for November, when everyone wants to paint Christmas cards, they keep me at the edge of my paintbrush.   The first day I “taught”  one of the members asked me how to paint water (!)….and another took me aside and said that, “I didn’t get this old to be told what to do!”  I was pretty sure I was doomed to once a week migraines.  So, what I do is wander around the classroom offering help when needed and making (I hope) encouraging comments.   Several of the group are really accomplished painters, so having someone who actually wants me to “teach” is something I’m really looking forward to doing….


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