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Just finished my demo at Daniel Smith (Seattle) and thought I might as well add a couple more walnut ink paintings to the pot.


This painting is a combination of walnut ink and watercolor…its small (15 x 11″) and has a nice feel to it.

The Sweet Taste of Honey

The Sweet Taste of Honey is a small (15″ x 11″) walnut ink and watercolor painting and is one of my favorites.  I’ll be a little sad to see it go to a new home…but, of course, I hope it does.


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When The Shoe Doesn’t Fit

Being a shy and somewhat private person, I always expect the worst to happen at these demos, the best of the worst being fainting from terror. After that comes forgetting my name (so I always wear a name-tag) or, despite all my preparations and good intentions, making a total (and boring) mess of things. Given the apprehension and dread that I feel going into these demos it always surprises me at how much I enjoy doing them…once I’m actually doing them. So, Bellevue wasn’t scary at all…I didn’t faint, forget my name, or make too big a mess of things and, beyond all expectations, I had an absolutely grand time. Here are the three pieces that I did during the demo…unfortunately I paint just slightly faster than cold molasses, so I had to finish them in the studio. These are small paintings, all quarter sheets of watercolor paper.

Pear-Pair Patch

The Sun Poured Down Like Honey

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