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A Pear or Two


On July 1, I’ll be doing a demo at Daniel Smith in Bellevue, using walnut ink and watercolor. I don’t often paint with watercolors these days, but every once in a while I’m re-seduced by their gorgeous colors, the cute little tubes that are so light and easy to carry around, and how just plain user-friendly watercolors are. I started using walnut ink with watercolor several years ago when drawing from figure models, trying it out as a replacement for india ink which seemed, at the time, a little harsh with watercolor. That plus the fact that I could wash walnut ink off of my fingers and out of my clothes made it easier than india ink. (These days I’m not so fussy, often mixing walnut ink, india ink, watercolor, and pastels together with happy, toss-it-in-the-garbage-if-it-doesn’t-work-out abandon.




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I’ve avoided this blogging stuff for years…encouraging words from friends didn’t move me, suggestions from other artists, ha! “Too busy,” I’d whine, “stuff to do, paintings to paint, people to see, chores to be done!” Alas, I’ve finished the chores, seen the people, come home from the studio and can’t find “the stuff” and now there is nothing left to do. So, hello, world.

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