February 15, 2020


Square Dance    Oil  stick on panel    24″ x 24″



We Meet Again    Oil Stick on panel    12″ x 12″

I thought I was deleting drafts, but deftly deleted posts instead. Wondering where in the cosmos they are wandering and hoping they are happy.  So, for the past few weeks I’ve been doing  fall clean-up…raking leaves, pulling the last (hopefully) of the weeds, harvesting the last of the veggies, planting daffodils and (of course) unpacking sweaters… and, most importantly, trying to find my raincoat.    This hasn’t left much time for painting.  And after deleting who knows how many posts, I appear even to myself to be busier than I actually am.   So, here are two small acrylic paintings, now that I’m again ready to wave those paintbrushes around and face the easel.


IMG_4024 (2)

Catching the Blues   20″x16″   Acrylic & graphite on board


IMG_4023 (2)

Rain Dancing On The Roof   20″x16″  Acrylic & paper collage on board


Trying to Catch Up!

Having discovered a year’s worth of posts in my drafts (which I can’t figure out how to now delete!) I thought I’d go back in time, just a bit, and prove that I haven’t spent a year binging on Netflix.  For a couple of months I became enamored with grids…did them in watercolor, did them in acrylics, did them in pencil…just loved me some gridding!


Watercolor   11″x15″



Watercolor 11″ x 15″



Acrylic  20″ x 16″

And a painting that lost it’s grid….


Acrylic 48′ X 24″




My Summer Vacation

Not only do I not know where this summer went, I’m not sure exactly where I put this past year.  If you happen to find it please let me know where it is and if I had a good time.  Alas, wherever last year went, it went too fast.

Most of this past summer I spent my studio time with acrylics, forgetting that I had a watercolor class to teach when summer ended, and avoiding oils all together.  August found me in a panic and preparing madly for my 2 classes…and having some rip snortin’ anxiety dreams until I finally had my first two weeks planned out.  Here are a few of the paintings from the past year (just discovered that my blogs from last summer are still sitting in “drafts.”  Bletch!  I guess that’s where some of last year went….



IMG_E3745 (3)





Bottle With Three Oranges

Watercolor & Watercolor Crayon on Yupo   20″ x 28″



Ball, Bottle, Box

Acrylic on Paper   11″ x 15″

Wedding Ian 011

Still Life (Red And Green)   Acrylic on Board


Wedding Ian 005

Still Life With Peach  Walnut Ink  and Gouache   25″ x 11″



Small Landscape  Acrylic on Canvas  20″ x 16″






Acrylic on canvas   48″ x 48″